Benefits of The Selling Matrix

Close at 40-80%

Earn the money you’ve always known you’re worth, how would that feel? Success breeds success.

Science based platform

Our science based platforms allow for the same or similar results to be achieved each time they are utilized, therefore, everyone wins.

Condensed knowledge

Save yourself $40,000 in education and 5 years of schooling. We have everything you need to succeed in 22 cutting edge videos

Your auto sales survival guide

A lack of “real world” automotive sales education has set us up for failure, that ends today!


“The thing about Frank’s program is it’s psychology and it works anywhere”

Do you want to sell cars? Frank has taken a wealth of knowledge and has done 100’s of hours of research combined with real life experience so that you don’t have to. These aren’t all new ideas, he has taken proven and tested techniques and put them in one place so that you can benefit.

I have had the privilege of using the Cardone and the Verdes platform which still have great ideas. The thing is, they are outdated and sales has evolved but the videos and training has stayed the same. It’s also very generic.

I live in Victoria BC which is a completely different market than anywhere in the United States or in Canada so not all of the advice is relevant. The thing about Frank’s program is it’s psychology and it works anywhere. You don’t have to dissect it or take bits and pieces of it, it’s all relevant anywhere. Just keep watching the videos until you don’t have to think about it and his ideas are a natural reaction. That’s my experience.

Jarrett R

From Our Students

Angela H. has been in the automotive industry for 20 years.

Watch the video to learn how she’s doing after learning the Selling Matrix.

Johnny G. has been in the automotive industry for a few months.

Watch the video to learn how he’s doing after learning the Selling Matrix.

Cohan S. has been in the automotive industry for 2 years.

Watch the video to learn how he’s doing after 4 months of learning the Selling Matrix.

Paul G. has been in the automotive industry for 8 months.

Watch the video to learn how he’s doing after 6 months of learning the Selling Matrix.

The Enhanced Course

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  • Exclusive VIP Membership To Private Selling Matrix Facebook Group
  • Over 26 Advanced Auto Sales Instruction and Techniques Videos Shot in 4k ( See video details below )
  • 27 Advanced Course Assignments Downloadable For Your Personal Use
  • New age auto sale techniques and methodologies
  • Learn to close at much higher ratios

Read on to see for yourself why our Enhanced students are light years ahead of their peers. Check out each video description below to discover just how much sales education you have at the tips of your fingers. It’s truly mind blowing.

Video 1 Initiation:

In this video I teach you how to disarm Reactance when first meeting your new prospect. Learn to lower their sales filter by using peripheral influencers like a pro giving you a massive competitive advantage. By doing things properly you will gain the trust of your new prospect and greatly reduce the possibility of you being a risk or threat. Leave nothing to chance in that first 5 minutes of meeting your new prospect. This 5 minute window is the make it or break it period where the prospect will decide to either hire you internally as their salesman or mentally move on. Learn what you need to do so that the prospect chooses you time and time again.

Video 2 Rapport:

In this video you will learn to climb the relationship ladder in the eye of your prospect in record time. Learn to shift emotional cognition by using specific techniques and question layer sequencing. You will literally learn to create a happy customer and shape a happy sales environment. Also learn baseline questions to use early on into the sales process to gain information gently. These information gathering questions will allow you to piece together crucial elements to the sale. I also teach you how to gain compliance by landing strategic commitments early on into the process so that the prospect will be comfortable saying “yes” to you. And lastly you will learn to trade behaviours with the prospect to create sameness. By studying the four most crucial behaviours your prospect exhibits, and incorporating them into your own method of communication you will create a feeling of sameness. People “like”
people who are “like” them!

Video 3 Rapport Part 2:

In this Video I will teach you how to surface predetermined budgets early on into the sales process. Now that you are friendly with the prospect you have earned the right to ask a few situation questions. The information you uncover will help you fill in the boxes when you are developing your choice architecture. Choice architecture alone is a technique that some students have utilized to create an extra $50,000 per year of additional income! This unique to TheSellingMatrix technique has been a major breakthrough for 100’s of sales professionals worldwide. Also learn how to create and inject your own personal credibility statement during the sales process to build credibility in the prospects eyes. This video is a must watch for understanding how to sell the relationship not the commission.

Video 4 DISC Intro:

In this video I breakdown the concepts behind the DISC profiling section of the sales vector. I will explain why it is important to know “who” you are actually speaking to. Is your prospects dominant personality type that of a D an I an S or a C? Learn to distinguish who is standing in front of you because each type of personality receives information differently. Once you become a pro at distinguishing the difference between each personality type, your ability to communicate will inspire and breed trust and your sales will skyrocket as a result.

Video 5 The D personality:

Recognize how to Identify and deal with a “D”personality type prospect. Learn the least resistant routes to a sale by communicating your message the way a “D” personality prospect receives information. Trying to assist these prospects incorrectly will often lead to friction and frustration within the sales process. Don’t let this happen to you, make the sale by knowing who your prospect truly is.

Video 6 The I Personality:

Recognizing the “I” personality prospect. The “I” personality prospect will be one of the most fun times you will have making the sale. Learning techniques to make the connection with these prospects at a personal level will ensure that the sale is yours for the taking.

Video 7 The S Personality:

Recognize when you are dealing with an “S” personality prospect. These shy prospects need a little more nurturing and reassurance. I will teach you methods in this video how to get down to a personal level with your “S” prospect. These prospects need special attention and direction as to why you would be a safe bet to do business with.

Video 8 The C Personality:

Learn to recognize the behavioural identifiers of the “C” personality prospect. These methodical prospects need a very professional approach. I will teach you techniques to gain the trust of these types of prospects. Also you will learn what you MUST avoid doing to not sever the chance of a future sale. You will also learn how to solidify facts by using the picture superiority effect creating a safe logical decision to purchase from you.

Video 9 Questions:

In this video you will learn how to construct proper questions and question sequences. This video acts as the second part of the DISCovery phase of the sale vector. Within the profiling phase you will need to learn what types of questions to ask of your prospects. We have developed a POD sequence of questions which can literally peel away the layers of information you seek. Learning this technique will allow you to enjoy the specific information you need to speak to the prospects dominant buying motivators. This information is the most crucial to aligning your product with the needs and wants of the prospect. Pretty awesome hey!

Video 10 Questions Part 2:

In this video I will teach you other key types of questions you will need to master as part of the sales process. You will also learn to de code your prospects own definition of action words, giving you clear insight into the prospects train of thought. This video is jam packed with methods and techniques you will never find anywhere else but here. Use these new skills to question and commit the prospect. “If I can………would you?”

Video 11 Needs:

This video will teach you to recognize the two most important needs of your prospect. By Recognizing these important buying signals, you will have the information needed to align your product as the “best fit” for the prospects unique situation.

Video 12 Transition:

Learn how to set up a smooth transition from the peripheral side of the sale vector into the direct route of influence side. Lock out the three core objections early to create a seamless path to the sale.

Video 13 Money:

In this video I will teach you how to lock out the future objection of money. Uncover everything to do with finances early in order to create value. This is where you have been set up to fail all these years, speaking of money too late in the process. You will learn techniques to anchor expectation early setting the tone to the negotiations. You will also be taught how to hold onto gross and generate a much higher income. The information in this video alone is worth the price of the course in itself.

Video 14 Time Frame to Purchase:

Learn to create non threatening dialogue to suggest upping a time frame to purchase. I will teach you how to uncover and overcome the objection of a future purchase escape route. These techniques WORK they have been battle tested and proven over and over again in real world scenarios. Build bridges of suggestion with the prospect to gain their confidence and gauge their intention.

Video 15 Sole Decision Maker:

Who has the right to say yes? In this video you will learn to decipher if you are speaking to the decision maker or decision influencer. Either way I will show you ways around committing the prospect as a person with the power to purchase. This video will help you learn to sell and over come this future objection by creating pathways of suggestion.

Video 16 Knowledge Layering:

This video reveals a concept never before seen in any sales course. Once you get the hang of this concept you will become many times more intelligent in your sales ability. Learn to fill your knowledge house with as many knowledge layers as possible to achieve maximum knowledge depth. Become auto responsive with your sales and you will be viewed as an authority of industry.

Video 17 Sales Choreography:

This concept reveals how to pull all the information you have uncovered about the prospect into your presentation. Now that you are through with the peripheral part of the sales vector you enter the central route of influence. This is where your message becomes super influential and triggers a logical sale in the mind of the prospect. In fact 99% of all sales happen during this time in the sales process it never happens at the end while sitting at your desk. For the longest time we have been taught this backwards, make your presentation and then sit down at your desk and pray to make a sale. Let us teach you how to do it the right way.

Video 18 Choice Architecture:

In this video I will teach you how to implement “choice control” so you will not trigger a threat response in the prospects mind. Keeping the sales environment with a low pressure feel will allow your message to penetrate and influence much deeper. This technique will actually influence the future buying behaviour of the prospect for the better. I will also discuss how to isolate and overcome small little objections that may surface at this point in the sales process to keep things moving forward.

Video 19 Pain Points:

In this video you will learn to use our “future scenario sequencing” technique to create a more desirable future landscape in the mind of your prospect. You will learn how to monetize a pain point and also how to put an emotional price tag on it. These two pain point techniques are hugely influential when combined in conjunction to one another. Not one other automotive sales platform teaches these two unique methods in the same course. Learn from the best to become the best!

Video 20 Trial Closing Questions:

This video will teach you how to gauge into the thought process of the prospect at a specific point in time. By learning how to do this you can highlight and address any area of concern on the spot in real time and eliminate it. I will also teach you how to construct theoretical questions that will reveal how close the prospect is to internalizing a decision to purchase. Learning how to imply mental ownership through your questions is very powerful. By doing this the mental imagery you create will paint the picture of all their explicit needs being filled and addressed because of your product.

Video 21 Reverse Trial Closing:

In this video you will learn to recognize and incorporate the prospects unique needs and requests into the sales equation. Sometimes the prospect is trying to close YOU the salesman but most professionals don’t realize this. For most, these requests to negotiate are viewed as objections and handled completely wrong, this is due to a lack of sales education. Lucky for you this video will bring this often misunderstood request to light and help you become that superstar salesman you are destined to be.

Video 22 Bargain:

This video will help you get around the prospects natural
tendency to re bargain once the terms of a deal are committed to. You will learn to add perceived value into a deal by injecting negotiation points. When you add “more” to a transaction the value is perceived as greater. This is how negotiation points help you retain gross by adding perceived value creation within deal flex. I will also teach you how “deal flex” works and how to make a ton more income using this technique.

Video 23 Deal Flex:

This video is an animated breakdown of how Deal Flex works within a sales transaction. See how easy it is to give yourself that raise that you so much deserve this year.

Video 24: Buyer Shift:

This video will teach you how to spot a shift in the prospects behaviour indicating they have made an internal decision to purchase. I will teach you verbal cues to listen for once the prospect has taken mental ownership of your product. Also you will learn to spot non verbal tells that the prospect is internalizing mental ownership of your product. Knowing these factors is so powerful in the recognition of how well you’ve done or are doing your job. This is your preparation time to reflect on how the sale is nearing its logical end point.

Video 25 Transitioning into the Overview:

In this video I discuss how to handle your prospect once you have recognized their “buyer shift” from a potential prospect to a committed buyer. Learn to bring the prospect into the overview portion of the sales vector where you ask reaffirmation “yes” questions. In doing this you are essentially having the prospect remember why they have internalized a decision to purchase from you before they verbalize it.

Video 26: Moment of Privilege:

Your golden window of opportunity is upon you, how will you consummate the sale. I will teach you how to recognize and implement intentionality to the sale end based on one of two logical end points. Understanding the difference between the two different routes of logical sale endpoint, makes the probability of the prospect saying yes to your value proposition inevitable. Now you have all the “evergreen” knowledge you will ever need to earn the income you have always dreamed of.

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