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Our enhanced course provides you with everything you will need to Crush It in your automotive sales career. The 26 core videos are jam packed with new age sale techniques and methodologies that are easy to understand and follow. The results our clients are experiencing even after 4-7 years on the sales floor have been nothing short of life changing.

Our system is designed around the concept of keeping the buying process as neuro friendly as possible resulting in much higher closing ratios. Many of our students were averaging between 8-20% closing ratios before starting our program and within 6 months of application their closing ratios jumped into the 40-70% club. That is a MASSIVE jump in income, in fact it’s life changing for most.

Our enhanced course also offers updates to all core video material for 12 months after purchase. We at the Selling Matrix are very aware of the ever changing sales landscape. That’s why our mission is to provide our team members with the most up to date automotive specific content available.

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