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Recommended for sales professionals on the sales floor from 6-36 months.

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For the sales professional requiring a little more personal customization, our Enhanced VIP program is just for you. The Enhanced Vip program was designed with a more hands on approach to create a fully custom feel to your learning experience. In addition to the Enhanced programs 24 month subscription and our 26 cutting edge videos the VIP designation package includes a 1hour consultation call one on one with your success
coach Frank Joseph.

During your call current levels of saleability and any challenges you may be encountering will be addressed and discussed. At the end of 60 minutes your personal prosperity plan will be mapped out for you as a personal guide navigating you towards your future financial targets and goals. You will have a clear understanding on where you are strong and what areas are needing improvement. VIP also includes an additional four 15 minute bi weekly personal accountability phone calls to ensure you’re on track and doing what’s needed of you personally to succeed. Many newer to industry salesman have taken advantage of the VIP coarse to leap frog their careers into the stratosphere. Imagine earning six figures your first year on the sales floor! How about giving yourself a $50-$75,000 raise this year! Do what you love and earn what you’re worth learn from the best you deserve it! Your time is now!

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