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The Selling Matrix - Money

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  • Introduction to New Age Automotive Sales Techniques & Methodologies
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  • 12 Introductory Videos On Sales Instruction & Techniques Shot in 4k

Video 1.  The Interview. 

In this video I  provide mental insight into your first interaction with your new prospect. There are  many variables that influence the way a prospect will view and judge you. During the course of the video I will teach you what your prospect is looking for and how to influence a positive response from the prospect. By the end of the video you will know what you need to do to create sameness at a subconscious level and trade behaviours with your prospect.

Video 2.  Insta Rapport. 

In this video you will learn how to accelerate the rapport phase of the sales process. Using emotional cognition you will literally be able to hijack your prospects emotional state and create a happy sales environment. I will also reveal how to gain commitment from the prospect early on and have them get used to saying “yes” to you through strategic commitments. Having the prospect comfortable saying yes to you throughout the sales process makes it only logical to say yes at the end when you ask for the sale.

Video 3. Accelerated Relationships.

In this video I discuss crucial techniques to accelerate how fast you can establish a deep rapport with the prospect. How to label your prospect in a positive manner to create a stronger bond, and controlling vocal tonalities. Also how to avoid opposite behaviors to create sameness with the prospect at a sub conscious level. These easy to learn methods will allow you to become best friends with a complete stranger faster than you can read this paragraph.

Video 4. POD Layering Questions.

How to squeeze information out of the prospect using the Social Penetration Theory. Hyper target the information you seek using neuro friendly question sequences. You will not believe how easy it becomes to surface a prospects true needs when you have all the pieces to the puzzle. Tailor presentations that speak directly to the prospects dominant buying motivators. When you know what they need how can they possibly say no?

Video 5. Core Objection Money.

How to disarm the objection of Money early on into the process. 99% of sales trainers and sales educators have set you up to fail doing this backwards. Value creation can only be obtained and enhanced when you have the facts. Uncover everything to do with money early on and put the pieces into place. Set the expectations early and make the sale.

Video 6. Timeframe to Purchase.

Lock out the future escape route of the prospect of time frame to purchase early into the process. Learn to lower the sales filter and work around a future sale excuse. Sift out all the today buyers and possibility driven buyers by using the techniques I discuss in this video.

Video 7. Sole Decision Maker

The third core objection to lock out early on is who is the sole decision maker or decision influencer? Use these methods to flush out if the prospect on the lot is able to commit today or if they need to get “permission” from a significant other. Either way I will show you how to get commitment from the prospect no matter what the answer. There is always another way to the sale.

Video 8. Choice Architecture.

Unique to the Selling Matrix this technique shows how to create two mental “choice” boxes during the sales process. How to create two scenarios for the prospect to choose between because one choice is risky for them to comprehend. This technique alone will create a massive jump in your closing ratio and help you earn 1000’s more per month once you master the concept. Easy to learn and easy to follow, some students have made as much as $50,000 more in one year with the information I provide in JUST this ONE video.

Video 9. Pain Points.

In this video you will learn to uncover the prospects pain points. Pain points are very crucial to motivate a sale. I will teach you how to monetize a pain point and also do something not one of your competitors do. In fact I can guarantee not one of your competition use one of the techniques I teach about pain points in this video to give you a massive advantage. Be the best learn from the best.

Video 10. Reverse Trial Closing

Can you recognize when a prospect is trying to close you? I will teach you how to distinguish between a request to negotiate or an objection. Each one needs top be addressed specifically. Knowing this little bit of information can mean the difference between a sale and coming across as an under competent sales professional. Don’t let this happen to you, you’re better than that.

Video 11. Final Closing Statement

As the sale comes to an end do you understand how the sale is approaching its endpoint? You must must must need to know how to finalize the sale. There are only two ways the sale will come to an endpoint. I will teach you how to distinguish between the two and how to ask for the sale logically. When you know why then you’ll know how.

Video 12. Final Closing Question

Recognizing the second way the sale needs to be closed. Now you’ve earned the right to ask for the order but the prospect is showing a little resistance. Learn how to re commit the prospect by re directing their thinking process. At some point in the process they internalized the sale so now is the time to resurface that mental decision point. Doesn’t that make sense?

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